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As beekeepers we are dedicated to support and promote the health and  well being of Apis mellifera aka the Honey Bee.




If you're a beekeeper, like mini donuts, corn dogs, enjoy talking with people and love free stuff, you might want to consider this: 

The Honey and Beekeeping display at the MN state fair is looking for volunteers to sign up as interpreters for three hour shifts. In return you will be mailed a free ticket to get into the fair for each interpreter that signs up. There will be a stool to sit at and most interpreters will have an observation hive to work with. Visitors to the booth typically want to see the queen. All the queens are marked so they are easy to find. If you are interested, click on the link below to the sign up genius. You can see every day of the fair and what times are available for a volunteer shift. Most beekeepers who do this stint at the fair have a great time and have a great experience.  Sharing our craft with the public helps the whole beekeeping industry. Please note that you must register by Friday, August 16 to receive a free Minnesota State Fair admission ticket for each day that you volunteer. Volunteers must be at least 16 years of age.

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Membership Application

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Swarm Removal

   A swarm of honeybees is a familiar sight in the spring and summer. There is no telling where a swarm might land. It could land on any convenient resting place: a bush, a tree branch, a lamppost, or patio furniture. Honeybee swarms cluster together for protection and warmth in a temporary resting place. In the center of this ball is their queen. The swarming bees do not stay there long. As soon as scout bees find a nice suitable and protected home, the swarm will be up and away.  With the declining number of honeybees (and beekeepers), we want to help where we can. Below are telephone numbers and locations of members of the St. Croix Valley Beekeepers Association who will assist in honeybee swarm removal. We anticipate success in capturing these swarms to develop productive honey colonies which will continue to pollinate our environment Our members will make every effort to remove and take the honeybee swarm with them upon their visit. They will not remove embedded or permanent dwelling structures where honeybees have set up a home. Unless this member has bee vacuum equipment and is able to make the possible removal. An online search for “honey bee swarms” can provide more information. Thank you for your interest in saving a honeybee swarm. 

Swarm Removal Contact List (xlsx)





Youth beekeepers can receive assistance via the youth mentor program.

 Youth Beekeeping Program Applications 

Due January 15th for current year!

Youth beekeeper winners receive the following: 

An experienced adult beekeeper will provide mentoring and assistance for 2 years.

1-bee suit with veil and gloves

 1-hive tool


 1-deep hive body with frames

 1-medium honey super with frames

 1-feeder pail  

Our mission is to encourage and support local youths interested in becoming a beekeeper, giving them all the tools, skills, knowledge and experience to make it a life long passion. The young beekeeper will be loaned a hive with bees and proper protective equipment. Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, FFA or 4-H members interested in this program are encouraged to apply.

 Youth must be grades 6-11.

 Applicant must complete and return all paperwork, including permission and agreement form signed by a parent or guardian. 

The application with supporting documents can be e-mailed or hand delivered at an upcoming beekeepers mtg. See application below ↓ 



Join our club and enjoy access to : *Monthly Speakers *Tours *Beekeeping Assistance *Annual dues are $20/per year

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Come to one of our meetings, it is always the 2nd Thursday of the month at Peace Lutheran Church.  Meeting start time is 7:00 PM. Hive inspection (at the church) is always one hour earlier at 6:00 PM. Anyone is welcome to watch/learn. 

St. Croix Valley Beekeepers Association

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